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    Property Proficando

    The Role


    The Property Manager role is a diverse and extremely flexible role responsible for the running of Relo’s day to day core business of managing tenants and looking after our properties. Property Management is a crucial aspect of the business and as the property Manager you are vital to our success on a day to day level.

    Key Result Areas

    These are the things you MUST spend the majority of your time working on and take priority over any other jobs you might be doing.

    • Dealing promptly with Maintenance Issues and Requests from Tenants
    • Ensuring the Tenants are happy with their accommodation
    • Maintaining a high standard of quality to all properties, internally and externally.
    • Conducting Inspections of the Properties and dealing with subsequent repairs
    • Testing Fire Alarms weekly and Emergency lighting monthly
    • Dressing (preparing) rooms for advertising and photography
    • Showing tenants around properties
    • Overseeing the cleaners to ensure the highest standards are maintained
    • Conducting inventories  
    • Checking tenants both into and out of their rooms


    Your Responsibilities as the Manager will be wide and varied, allowing huge freedom in your work life due to our unique working hours policy as long as the jobs you are required to do get done. This role allows huge scope to go into many other areas of this business as everyone starts by learning how to let and manage our properties. It is also a very strong foundation if you are looking to learn about property and eventually go into property yourself, which we encourage all our employees to do if they are inclined.

    Your day to day roles and responsibilities as our PM will include:

    1. Checking Fire Alarms Weekly and Emergency Lighting in all Properties

    • Checking all properties’ Fire Alarms every week & recording the test
    • Sounding the alarm from different call points each week
    • Looking to see that the panel is not damaged and is functioning correctly, no zones are isolated, and no faults are showing on the panel.
    • Visually checking the detectors and call points
    • Visually checking the emergency lighting to ensure that there is no damage and the bulbs are sounds and in good working order
    • Testing the emergency lighting on a monthly basis

    2Ensure Rooms to Rent signs are up

    • Making sure our Rooms to Rent signs are outside all properties with vacant or imminently available rooms to rent.

    3. Checking Communal areas and the outside of all Properties every week (normally when testing fire alarms):

    • Fire alarms
    • No fire doors are propped open
    • The house is reasonably clean and tidy
    • There is no rubbish outside the house
    • Ensure the garden is tidy and looking smart.

    4. Producing and Updating Notice Boards and House Manuals in Properties

    • Ensuing all properties have notice boards in them
    • Printing, laminating and putting up notices for new Properties
    • Producing or updating Relo House Manuals for all properties
    • Ensure notice boards are in position, checklists are signed, and notices are up to date
    • Remove any old signs and certificates that are no longer valid.
    • Check All legal certificates are up to date – (GAS CERTS, EPCs, HMO License)

    5Conducting Monthly Maintenance Reviews of Communal Areas

    • Conduct Monthly Maintenance review (previously called an inspection) in each property using our software to guide you through, namely:
    • Carpets are not loose or torn
    • Balustrades are sound
    • Property is reasonably clean and in good decorative order
    • Fire doors are sound and intumescent stripes are in place
    • Overhead door closers are in place and work i.e. they close the door with no assistance from you.
    • The kitchen door is not propped open
    • The kitchen equipment is in working order
    • All taps, shower and drains work effectively
    • Check Fire Alarms (weekly) and Emergency lighting
    • The cleaners are doing a good job and signing the time sheet
    • Nothing is missing
    • Inputting any maintenance jobs required into CRM system
    • Issuing any maintenance tasks to members of the maintenance team
    • Checking all maintenance jobs have been completed

    6. Conducting Quarterly Room Inspections

    • Informing tenants and obtaining their consent to enter their bedrooms
    • Conducting Quarterly Inspections of All rooms in All houses using our software to guide you through

    7Dealing with Maintenance requests from Tenants

    • Dealing with all incoming maintenance issues and requests from tenants
    • Logging them on the CRM system
    • Issuing the jobs out to maintenance contractors
    • Accompanying the contractor to the job if required
    • Following up the jobs to ensure they have been completed

    8. Checking Vacant Rooms

    • Visiting and checking all empty rooms
    • Checking for any faults, damage or damp

    9. Knowing and Managing existing Relo Tenants

    • Knowing the names and occupations of all tenants who rent through Relo
    • Dealing with all current Tenant requests and communication
    • Sending tenants birthday and Christmas cards

    10. Preparing Rooms to Let

    • Dressing and organising professional photography of vacant rooms
    • Organising for all rooms that are ready to let to be cleaned for incoming tenants.
    • Putting together Tenant Welcome boxes and writing welcome cards ready for check in

    11Checking In Incoming Tenants

    • Ensuring room has been cleaned prior to check in including removing dressing kit
    • Make up bed if bedding pack has been requested
    • Preparing welcome box and card
    • Informing current tenants of house that new tenant will be moving in
    • Meeting tenants checking in at their new home
    • Showing them around
    • Explaining the house manual and notice board and where key items such as: Wi-Fi password, fuse box and stop cock.
    • Handing keys over to incoming tenant.
    • Explain online inventory

    12. Checking Out Outgoing Tenants

    • Conducting Room Inventory for Outgoing Tenant
    • Handing back of Keys from Outgoing Tenant
    • Checking room for damage
    • Preparing room for new incoming tenant either with cleaning or repainting/carpeting if needed.

    13Overseeing Cleaners, Gardeners and Window Cleaners

    • Checking Cleaners and Gardeners are carrying out their work weekly (gardeners less frequently depending on the time of year)
    • Checking window cleaners attend regularly

    14. Renewing and updating any Certificates or Legislation

    • Ensuring all Gas Certificates, EPCs, Electricals Certificates and HMO Licenses are in date and updated on company CRM system.
    • Arranging for renewal of certificates where required


    • Attend the weekly team meeting
    • Update company CRM system regularly.
    • Complete a detailed departmental KPI schedule each week and produce the completed schedule for the monthly meetings
    • To take on any other requests from any of the Directors, as required for the smooth running and progression of the business
    • To form part of a small fun team, supporting each other and maintaining a good sense of humour at all times.

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