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    5 Ways You Can Reduce Your Shared House Environmental Impact

    5 June 2020

    Environmentally conscious living in a throwaway society can be tough, but we’re all keen to do our bit. If you live in one of our shared houses we try and do out our bit through LED lighting, PIR sensors in all communal areas to reduce the number of lights left on,  Smart Thermostats like Nest to keep heating regulated, eco flow shower heads to save water as well as A++ rated appliances to reduce our energy requirements and protect the environment.

    Here are some other ways in which your shared house can reduce waste, save money and protect the environment at the same time……

    1. Eat Together

    Cooking and eating together isn’t just more sociable, it can save you a lot of money too. Get together and decide on a weekly menu. Taking turns to cook and wash up saves arguments later on.

    2. Share the Load

    A full load in the dishwasher or washing machine is much more efficient than lots of smaller loads. Just make sure you don’t put your red socks in with someone’s best white shirt….

    3. Car Pool

    Heading to town or the supermarket? Ask if anyone wants to car share. Sharing trips reduces Co2 emissions and you can get to know your housemates better too.

    4. Cut down on Disposables

    Instead of buying endless paper towels, pick up a pack of microfiber cloths. They last for years and can just be chucked in the washing machine after each use.

    5. Keep Co-Living!

    Congratulations! You’re already helping to protect the planet just by choosing to live in a HMO. Sharing heating, lighting and other energy costs saves hundreds of tonnes of Co2 per household vs each living in your own flat or apartment.

    So from the planet and all of us at Relo, thank you for choosing to live with us.