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    Our Story

    Relo was founded by a desire to change an outdated industry.

    Fed up with eye-watering high rents for extremely subpar accommodation which was damp and dirty with a letting agent who didn’t once visit the property or answer any of our maintenance requests, combined with unexpected fees never previously mentioned and locked into 12-month contracts, Miles decided there must be a better way for tenants in shared houses to rent.

    Our Vision

    Continuingly improving the standard of the rental industry through innovation as a market leader.  

    Our Mission

    Bringing tenants and landlords together to create the ultimate rental experience.

    Our Promises





    Our Values

    Never standing still, always moving forward

    Encouraging Individual ability and creativity

    Excellence in reputation

    Be a pioneer

    Our Story


    Miles moves house

    Back in 2015 Miles moved into a shared house in Oxford whilst at university. Having been spun the typically letting agent spiel, he was expecting good things from they had to offer. Miles encountered eye-watering rents for damp and dirty accommodation, uninterested letting agents once he had moved in who didn’t react to maintenance requests or do anything really (we were pretty sure the fire alarm didnt work and it wasnt tested once in a year)


    Miles buys his first house

    Having seen how not to manage shared houses, Miles decided to buy a house for himself and turn it into a shared house to see if he could do a better job. So in his second year at university be bought his first house in Hereford. Not wanting to manage a house share himself due to the intensive management required from letting to 6 individual tenants, Miles started looking for a local letting agent to manage his new house share in that well know city of Hereford. However, nearly all the letting agents he approached had no desire to manage HMOs. So it looked like Miles was about to become his own letting agent. Slowly gaining an understanding of how the house-sharing industry works. Miles continued to rent out his house on a room by room basis to professional tenants, learning and listening to what they wanted.


    Welcome Relocation PA

    Having realised that no traditional letting agents were going to want to take on the management of HMOs, Miles decided that behind the management of his own house share, there needed to be some kind of brand for little things such as notices on the notice board and logos on tenancy agreements to provide a professional feel to potential tenants looking to rent a room in his shared house. Relocation PA is born. Relocation PA had a rather unspectacular birth. Initially started as a brand just for Miles to let his own rooms, there was no website or much behind the brand at all apart from a logo created on Paint (we cringe at the branding now)


    Relocation PA makes its first hire

    Over the year that Miles let and managed his own houseshare, he was approached several times by people looking to purchase HMOs and have them managed. With the increasing rise in popularity of investors looking to buy shared houses, It became very apparent there was a gap in the market to set up a dedicated letting agency only specialising in letting and managing professional shared houses. Initially, Miles resisted the approaches from other investors as he wanted to just focus on letting and managing his own properties under the Relocation PA brand. However, as he went on to purchase more houses, he soon realised he needed to hire someone to help manage his properties. And thus Relocation PAs first employee was hired. Now with little pressure of the day-to-day jobs of managing tenants, Miles realised that he had all the processes and systems in place, and it would be very little additional work to manage other investors shared houses on their behalf.


    Relocation PA takes on its first landlord

    Relocation PA takes on their first landlord! A landlord approached us having seen a post on Facebook (this was pre any sort of wesbite) looking for management of his shared house. We said yes! Having taken on their first landlord wanting their shared house managed, Miles made a decision to build a specialist shared house letting agency focusing on managing only HMOs. Miles then spent the next two years growing Relocation PA, refining the processes and brand, two websites later and taking on a handful of landlords wanting their shared houses managed in Hereford. We still manage this property for the landlord today!


    Relocation PA Expands regionally

    Having established a strong reputation for premium property management and lettings in Hereford, Relocation PA expands into 3 new cities, Worcester, Gloucester and Cheltenham.


    Change Required

    It soon became very apparent that tenants wanted a different way of renting rooms within what was still a fairly traditional industry stuck in old ways. Miles and the team decided to survey their tenants and actually ask them what they wanted from a letting agent. Very quickly it became obvious tenants were fed up with expensive upfront moving costs, being tied into lengthy contracts and being hit with hidden costs from letting agents, all of which Relo had been guilty of too. So, we decided to do something very radical and turn the traditional renting market upside down, having heard what tenants actually wanted, not what was best for landlords or letting agents. We spent 12 months testing, tweaking and figuring out how best to give the tenants what they wanted when they rented rooms in new cities.


    Relocation PA rebrands to Relo

    Following on from the change we wanted to make, we knew we had to move away from the Relocation PA brand and come up with a new brand that was going to represent the change we wanted to make. Relocation PA becomes relo


    The future of relo

    The result is the launch of Relo’s radical lettings and management service, aimed to revolutionise the room rental market based on feedback from actual tenants on what they want and thus the introduction of our transparent fee structure with one monthly payment and never any hidden costs. Our cancel anytime policy with no fixed contracts, purely done on a month-by-month basis, as well as our 30-day rent back, guarantee if tenants are not 100% happy with Relo. Along with not taking deposits to reduce upfront moving costs for our tenants and focusing on building a community of tenants in cities with our regular social events. Relo will continue to adapt and innovate based on feedback from our tenants to ensure we provide the ultimate renting experience for any professional moving to a new city looking for rooms to rent.

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