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    How to stage your property for potential tenants

    8 November 2022

    Landlords, in a highly competitive rental market, you need to make yours look the best. You can achieve this by staging! 

    Staging isn’t just for people selling their homes, in fact, it is more effective in rental accommodation.  Science shows that a potential tenant takes less than 7 seconds to decide whether they would like to move in or not, therefore first impressions matter!

    Filling your property with a perfectly patterned sofa, along with neat neutral décor, can revolutionise a bare, boring room, as well as give your potential tenants a snapshot into a life they could have in your property.

    Home staging has an astonishing influence on the success of rental properties. Therefore, on average the property spends less time on the market and fetches 8-10% more value.

    Staying in Budget

    Firstly, you need to consider how much the rental income will increase if the property is furnished well. Using this information, you can create a budget plan.

    Now start bargaining! This is the fun part but remember to shop smart. Go to outlets’, look for seasonal sales and ex-display items. TK Maxx, Ikea and supermarkets are your best friends! High street stores and supermarkets often sell cheap, affordable, and excellent-condition furniture. TK Maxx has reduced prices on top brands such as Joseph Joseph and Le Creuset for those kitchen accessories.

    Benefits of Home Staging

    Anyone can market a good-looking room as the photos alone entice tenants. Would you prefer a decorated fully furnished living room with pink fluffy cushions or an empty room with brown walls?

    If a tenant has agreed to view your property, they are more than likely willing to pay the approved price but you still need to convince them to sign the dotted line. The big deciding factor is creating that “welcoming your-home feeling”, which can easily be done by having a luxurious carpet, a stylish lamp and a kettle that matches the toaster! When a tenant walks into a room and it “feels” like home then you have closed the deal!

    Common Mistakes People make when Home Staging


    • Use old broken furniture
    • Use too much furniture
    • Have too much colour
    • Overcomplicate the decor 


    • Use cheap furniture accessories
    • Old charity shop/vintage objects
    • Throws and rugs
    • Neutral colours
    • Declutter

    Less is always more!

    For more tips on decluttering read our 10 Ways to De-Clutter your Home.

    Making your Property a Home

    When you are designing this property, think about how you would live there. Would you have paintings on the wall? What colour blinds would match the walls? Do you like the furniture? 

    Add little extras like colour coasters or a breakfast bar in the kitchen so tenants can catch up over coffee or cake, something this small can make a huge difference to someone’s living experience in your property.

    How Long Does Home Staging take? 

    Depending on your type of property, it can take from a few days to a few weeks, but the work does pay off!

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