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    Not just about letting: looking after every property as if it was our own

    15 November 2016

    At Relo, we pride ourselves in looking after a property as if it was our own through every step of the tenancy.

    A dedicated property manager for your property

    We have a property manager assigned to your property from the start to the end of the tenancy and each property manager only manages a handful of properties. This enables them to understand your property in greater depth as well as to deal with any issues (either tenant or maintenance) as soon as they can. We feel this is a much more efficient way to manage your asset and keep tenants happy instead of having one property manager trying to cover hundreds of properties and not being able to keep up.

    Getting it right from the start

    Our interaction starts from the beginning, ensuring that your property meets or exceeds the various safety regulations within an HMO, including the right fire alarms, fire doors and emergency lighting. We also make sure the property is set up to a suitable standard to ensure the letting process is as smooth as possible. The property manager will meet the tenant at the property to conduct a Check In, where the tenant uses our Check In app and can be shown the specifics of the property.

    Regular visits to keep on top of the maintenance

    By regularly visiting the properties that they manage, your property manager is able to keep on top of any required maintenance work and plan for any recommended larger works or refurbishments to be completed in between tenancies. Typically the property manager will visit your property once a month to conduct a formal inspection of the communal areas and bedrooms. This ensures maintenance is up-to-date and everything is ticking along smoothly in your property and nothing is being damaged before it becomes too expensive to fix. It also gives the tenants the opportunity to bring any issues up as well.

    Carrying out maintenance promptly

    Whilst your dedicated property manager is the backbone to protecting your investment, they could not do it all alone. We have a comprehensive, qualified and loyal team of diverse contractors supporting us daily, many of whom have worked with Relo from day one and know our properties as well as we do. All works are carried out efficiently, to agreed timescales and to a level matching the standards that Relo sets. We agree with all our landlords a level of authority to ensure that there is a mutual understanding, only then needing to consult on larger issues.

    Maintaining good relations with tenants

    One of the most important aspects to managing your property is not only keeping the property in the best order but also keeping the tenants happy to ensure they enjoy living in your property. This reduces the likelihood of voids as well as making it more likely that tenants pay their rent on time.

    We do this through several means, our most popular one being tenant parties where we gather all the tenants from all our properties and put on BBQs and parties for them. This also means they get to meet the other tenants and make friends.

    We also have a number of relationships with local bars and restaurants and have negotiated deals for our tenants such as drink vouchers at The Shack Revolution and Coffee Cart.

    We feel the small gestures count so all our tenants receive welcome cards as well as Christmas and birthday presents.

    This might seem insignificant but it makes for a much smoother management process whilst reducing the likelihood of damage and voids in your property.

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