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    Student FAQs

    About Relo

    Are you general letting agents?
    No, we most certainly are not. Relo only lets and manages shared houses for professional tenants as well as the Eign Gate Hall of Residence for NMITE. We do not let and manage flats or family houses or have tenants without jobs or who have families living with them.
    Why did you decide to only manage shared houses then?
    We realised that the quality of shared accommodation in most large cities is substandard and so we saw an opportunity to deliver superior quality accommodation at affordable prices. Somewhere that people can call home and love living in, as opposed to having to live there as it’s the best worst option. Shared houses also provide people with a community of instant new friends around them when they move to new cities and don’t know anyone.

    Getting Started

    How do I book a room?
    If you wish to make an enquiry before booking, please email If you are ready to make a booking please complete our application form using this link.
    Can I view a room before I book?
    Yes, we offer viewings on the NMITE open days which are spread throughout the year. Come and see the bedrooms as well as the superb shared kitchens. You will be able to see the cinema room and shared laundry as well.
    Which flat will I go into?
    The building is split into 6 separate flats on 3 floors of the building. You will be allocated a room in one of the flats based on NMITE’s allocation policy. We try to ensure a balance of girls and boys in each flat.
    Is it mainly boys or girls in each flat?
    We try and have an even split of both if possible.
    Is there a maximum number of people allowed in a property?
    Yes there is and for good reasons. Not only are there very strict rules around the number of people who can live in a property, but most importantly we wouldn’t want you to live in a flat stuffed full of as many people as possible! The council set the regulations so only one person is allowed to live in each room.
    Can I live with my friends?
    When making your booking you can request to share with friends. However, it is up to you to make sure your friends apply at the same time as you so that we can try to place you in a flat together.
    Can I have a friend to stay?
    No. Unfortunately regulations dictate the number of people allowed overnight in the building and overnight guests would exceed the limit.
    What time can I arrive?
    We usually accept arrivals from 9am – 4pm during office hours and also on arrivals weekends. Relo will contact you in the run up to your tenancy start date to let you know the move in arrangements.
    What happens if I do not get on with the others in my flat?
    Part of the university experience is meeting people from different backgrounds, interests and cultures. We hope that you will enjoy the diversity of uni life. However, should you be unhappy it is worth spending some time talking to your flatmates to try to come to some mutually agreeable solution. It is usually not possible for a room move unless an empty room is available in another flat. It is important to remember that moving to university is a stressful time and the initial teething problems are usually resolved within the first few weeks.
    Is there wifi in my room?
    Yes. There is a powerful fibre provision to the building plus plenty of extenders within each flat.
    Can I bring a pet?
    No, unfortunately the building has to remain pet free to ensure that anyone with allergies is not affected.
    Can I decorate my room?
    You are responsible for ensuring that you leave your room and flat in the same condition that is was given to you. You will be asked to complete and return an inventory to record the condition of your room upon arrival. Marks on the walls and furniture, including those caused by blu-tac, white-tac or pins will require painting once you have left and you may be charged accordingly.
    Do I need a TV licence?
    Whilst NMITE provide a TV licence for any communal TVs, you will need your own TV licence even if you do not have a TV. Current regulations state that even if you watch catch up TV on a laptop or other device, you still need a TV licence. This is easily purchased online from TV Licencing.
    Where can I store my bike?
    Eign Gate has a dedicated secure bicycle storage facility right next to the front door on West Street.


    Do you take deposits?
    Yes, we require a £200 deposit. Provided that your rent is up to date and there are no damages or cleaning to pay for, you will receive the deposit back when you leave.
    If I pay a deposit, where is it kept?
    Student deposits are kept safe in our Client Account until the end of the year.
    Can you deduct monies from my deposit if you think I have damaged something?
    Provided that your rent is up to date and you leave your room with no cleaning requirement or damage repairs, the whole deposit will be returned to you. NMITE reserves the right to deduct costs for any damages, taking into account fair wear and tear.
    Do you regularly deduct monies from a deposit?
    We try not to. It is extremely rare for us to do so and there has to be  very good reason for doing so such as not paying rent or clearly breaking something in your room which isn’t general wear and tear from usage.
    How do I get my deposit back?
    Deposits will be refunded once the tenancy has ended and final room checks have been completed. It is in your interests to ensure you meet with the Property Manager to hand your room back so that you have the opportunity to rectify any issues such as cleaning.


    How do I pay for my room?
    You pay your rent via a standing order that you need to set up when you apply to become a Relo tenant
    Do I have to pay for the bills too?
    No, we offer one simple payment each month meaning any costs are all wrapped up in your rent however because we are super nice, we pay all the bills for you so you never have to worry about them.
    What is included in my monthly payment?
    All bills are included in your monthly rent including water, electric, gas and council tax. We also include the super fast WiFi as well as a weekly cleaner to look after the communal areas.
    What are all of your other charges?
    We only charge one simple payment each month which includes everything from your rent, utility bills, cleaning etc so you will never be hit with any other fees from us.
    What if I don't pay?
    We are always available to talk to if you are in financial difficulty and we are very approachable. Remember it is important to address any issues before they become too big. If you are struggling to pay you must contact us immediately so that a confidential discussion can be arranged. Your guarantor is in place to make payments if you are unable to but you may need to discuss this with them.
    Will I need a guarantor?
    Yes, unless you are able to pay the entire year in advance in which case we would not require a guarantor. If you wish to pay either monthly or termly  we will require a guarantor.


    What furniture will be provided in my room?
    We provide you with a double bed, bedside table, wardrobe, desk & chair, bookshelf, mirror and bin. You also have the added benefit of a mini kitchen including microwave and fridge!
    Do you provide bedding?
    No, you will need to bring your own duvet, pillows, sheets, duvet covers, pillow cases and towels.
    What is provided in the communal kitchen?
    Each flat has a sofas and table and chairs in the kitchen. Additionally there are kettles and toasters as well as a microwave. You will need to bring your own crockery, cutlery, plates, bowls, utensils and pots & pans. Please note that the hobs are induction hobs and require suitable pans.
    Do you provide any pots & pans etc?
    No. You will need to bring your own crockery, cutlery, plates, bowls, utensils and pots & pans. Please note that the hobs are induction hobs and require suitable pans.
    Do you provide an iron and ironing board?
    Yes, there are irons and ironing boards in each flat.
    Is there parking?
    There is no parking at the property although there is a Council car park just opposite. Off peak season tickets can be purchased from Herefordshire Council.


    Can the cleaner clean my room?
    No unfortuantly not – the cleaner will only do all the communal areas.
    Is my room professionally cleaned before moving in?
    Of course. As soon as a tenant leaves, we get our cleaners in to do a proper deep clean on it before anyone else moves in. We also regularly re paint rooms to keep them looking bright and clean.

    Maintenance Requests

    Who do I call if there is something needs fixing in my room or in the house?
    Each house has a Property Manager whose detailes are on the notice board and they are your best point of contact. Or you can report any maintenance requests on our dedicated app.
    What if you are closed and its an emergency?
    Again on the house notice board there are details of who to call if we are closed and there is an emergency.
    Does someone have to be in to let contractors in?
    No, all of our contractors will be accompanied by a Property Manager who will let them in.


    Do I have to sign a tenancy agreement?
    Yes you will. We use what’s called a Tenancy Agreement which is very common for students renting in the UK.
    Is there a minimum period?
    Yes, you are contracted to the academic year on either a 42 or a 48 week contract depending on which course you are studying.
    Can I leave mid contract?
    You would need to discuss this with NMITE as it is normally expected that you stay for the whole academic year.