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    Your Guide to Herefords Best Bars and Pubs According to Us

    24 April 2019

    We understand that when moving to a new city it can be a little overwhelming so what better way to get to know a new place by checking out the best bars and pubs. We have put together a little guide to what we think are Herefords best watering holes for you to go and check out. We might even see you in one of them!

    Herefords best boozers according to Relo….

    The Barrels 

    Once of Herefords best known pubs and for good reason. The Barrels is one of Wye Valley Brewery’s own pubs, so you know you can get a good pint of Butty Bach! The Barrels is a true favourite of ours at Relo and you can will most likely find the RPA team down there on a Friday afternoon (perhaps that’s a reason not to go there!) soaking up the sun in its vibrant outside sitting area (including own bowling alley). Remember though, it only takes cash!!

    Location: 69 St Owens Street, Hereford (so super easy for our tenants around the St James area)

    Best Time to Go: Open every day until late but to really embrace the atmosphere we would suggest settling in on a Friday evening or Saturday afternoon.

    What you can Expect: Excellent beer and good vibes with plenty of atmosphere

    Our Drink of Choice: No question, it’s got to be Butty Bach!!

    Relo’s Rating: 5/5

    Check it out here: and go like their Facebook Page

    Saxtys Wine Bar

    If you are looking for something a little bit more classy then perhaps you might think about checking out Saxtys Wine Bar. It does what it says on the tin, it’s a wine bar…. but it does also turn into a club at the weekends. There are four bars within Saxtys, the Front Bar (the best one) the Library bar, The Champagne Bar and the Garden Bar so plenty of choice for drinking. Saxtys does also put on a lot of good events including cocktail making which we highly recommend.

    Location: 33 Widemarsh Street, Hereford

    Best Time to Go: Depends if you want a quite glass of wine or busy night out. For a quite drink we suggest late afternoon and for a slightly crazier night you can be sure to experience it on a Saturday night.

    What You Can Expect: Plenty of choice of wine and cocktails (and perhaps a bit of boogying too)

    Our Drink of Choice: Espresso Martini

    Relo’s Rating: 4/5

    Check it out here: and Go Like its Facebook Page


    Beer in Hand

    If you want to find your inner hipster then be sure to go and check out the Beer in Hand for a seriously strong choice for craft beers. Behind the bar are masses of taps with a various array of weird and wonderful craft beers in kegs as well as bottles and cans along with your normal drinks selection. A favourite of our Whitecross tenants and we highly recommended going to check it out and try some new beers. The Beer in Hand also puts on regular quiz and game nights along with live music so if you are looking to meet some new people and get out and about then this is a winner.

    Location: 136 Eign Street, Hereford(just down from Steels Garage)

    Best Time to Go: Weekend but It can get a little cramped as not the largest bar in the world

    What You Can Expect: A vast array of craft beers so try something new.

    Our Drink of Choice: Hawks Head Pale Ale

    Relo’s Rating: 4/5

    Check it out here: and go like their Facebook page

    Cellar Door

    The Cellar Door is not only one of Herefords coolest places to eat (see our other post on Herefords Best Bites to check out the best places to eat) but also has a brilliant bar downstairs as well as a roof top garden to enjoy your drinks, especially with the current sun as we head into summer.

    Location: 25 Widemarsh Street, Hereford

    Best Time to Go: The Bar is closed on a Monday and Tuesday but we recommend going on a Thursday after work or Saturday afternoon to make the most of the roof garden.

    What You Can Expect: A good selection of drinks and cocktails with the feel of a London bar.

    Our Drink of Choice: Old Fashioned or Moscow Mule

    Relo’s Rating: 5/5

    Check it out here: and as per the others go like their Facebook Page


    The Spread Eagle

    The Spread Eagle holds some fond memories for Relos founder Miles as this was the first pub aged 18 he bought a (legal) pint in and spent many a happy afternoon soaking up their excellent beer garden hasten to add a few afternoons are less memorable than perhaps he would like to admit. The Spread is a wonderfully traditional pub In Herefords City Centre and provides a brilliant place for drinks after work.

    Location: 2 Kings Street, Hereford

    Best Time to Go: All the time!!

    What You Can Expect: A good old pub with good beer and cider with some proper pub grub.

    Our Drink of Choice: When the sun is shinning you cant beat a good old local Herefordshire cider in the beer garden.

    Relo’s Rating: 4/5

    Check it out here: and their Facebook page


    The Britannia Inn

    Another favourite of our Whitecross tenant contingent, the Britannia is at the heart of Whitecross and proves a popular local for a drink or two. (or perhaps more knowing our tenants). Another Wye Valley Brewery Pub so you know the beer will decent, combined with a wonderful beer garden, we seem to have spent a lot of time in this pub and is another favourite of ours at Relo.

    Location: 7 Cottrell Street, Hereford

    Best Time to Go: Whenever the sun is shinning and of course when its not!

    What You Can Expect: A younger crowd with good beer and probably a load of Relo tenants!

    Our Drink of Choice: 1985 (Wye Valleys Larger)

    Relo’s Rating: 5/5

    Check it out here: and go and give their Facebook a like to


    The Volunteer Inn

    Another hidden gem tucked away out of unknowing newbys to Hereford and one of only 3 remaining back street pubs in Hereford, the Volunteer is a hub for local to hang out (as well as being very welcoming of new comers) and where serious drinking takes place. It’s a great place to meet new people from Hereford and a must visit for any of our tenants in houses around the St James area. We also highly recommend the Sunday lunch.

    Location: 21 Harold Street, Hereford

    Best Time to Go: Every evening

    What You Can Expect: A good old fashioned local backstreet pub with good pub grub and good beer. No more needed.

    Our Drink of Choice: Any of the fine selection of beers and spirits they have

    Relo’s Rating: 5/5

    Check it out and their Facebook here

    So now you are armed with the local go to places to booze, we hope to see you in there. Please do come and say hi if you are one of our tenants or looking for a room to Rent in Hereford and we would be more than delighted to buy you a beer and tell you more about renting through Relo.

    Click on the link for rooms to rent we have in Hereford shared houses  and see how close your favourite bars and pubs are!